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Mary Lee Robinson is a Best Selling Author, Blogger, and Certified Grief Coach.
Telephone number is given by email request.
It’s a widow thing…security, you know…


About her online magazine for widows…

The blog (aka magazine), Widowlution is new, beginning in earnest in February of 2019 and is her second blog since 2016. It is Mary Lee’s hope to bring inspiration, hope, encouragement, and very practical information to the grieving. In addition to inspirational quotes and articles, she is bringing products, resources and strategies to the attention of a population whose needs have suddenly changed. The demographic for all of her media platforms are widows and widowers aged 45 to 70, both male (25%) and female (75%) who reside all over the USA as well as the British Isles, Canada, and Australia.

Almost all are active on Facebook, about 70% are active on Pinterest. Her readers and followers are enthusiastic social media rookies with rookie social media technical skills and most receive her posts on mobile devices. Few of her niche readers are active on Twitter, but her professional associates are. The reader’s other interests include home décor, healthy cooking and recipes, travel, fashion and makeup, inspiration and quotes, and some are avid readers. Most have a need to learn about home and personal security as well as financial organization, management, and planning and skills for living single vs married.



About her influence…

All blog posts are shared to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Many are shared on The Grief Toolbox’s Facebook page and the Grief Diaries page. The statistics for Pinterest, Grief Diaries, The Grief Toolbox, Google and Facebook accounts are:


Google Ranking:

  • on 10/14/19 is ranked high – #33

Pinterest (started June of 2016):

  • Average monthly views – 822,000 per month
  • Average monthly engaged – 33,000 per month
  • Average monthly growth – 16%

Facebook Grief Diaries:

  • Followers & Page Likes –  80,000
  • Average monthly reach – 400,456
  • Average monthly engagements –33,650

The Grief Toolbox

  • Followers & Page Likes of The Grief Toolbox’s Facebook (where her posts are featured) – 1,092,777
  • Mary Lee’s blog posts are also featured on The Grief Toolbox home page.



Mary Lee has been seen and heard recently on WKTS, WGN, WPDE, WBCI, and WRNN. Hear her here:


Meet the Woman Who Came Up with the Perfect Concept for Widows




About her strategy…

At present, there are countless grief writers and posters on Facebook and very, very few on Pinterest. While many are addressing deep grief and grief support, there are none found that are approaching the practical aspects of adapting to widowed life and all the changes that bring and there are a lot!  Arenas frequently found on Pinterest, such as meal planning and cooking, building a new social life, interior design, reinventing one’s fashion appearance and home security are all in transition upon the loss of a spouse. Her hope is to fill that vacuum and fill an unmet need with informational and educational blog posts, videos and pins. In short, she wants to lead a “Widowlution”!


About Sponsors and Collaborating…

Current sponsors include Probate Stars, Christ Above Politics Spiritquest of Ocean Isle, NC and Encore Florals & Gifts.

Mary Lee started blogging for widows in 2015 and have enjoyed working with the following firms:

  • The Grief Toolbox Online Retailers
  • AlyBlue Media Publishing
  • Journeys of Hope, Health and Healing Cruises
  • Feedspot Content Reader
  • CAP Retiree Membership Benefits
  • Probate Stars

There are several ways to work together, and here are just a few suggestions:

  • Sponsor a Post– If you would like to promote content that is relevant to my followers for a fee, we could develop a plan together.
  • Brand/Product Ambassadorship– At her discretion, she would be happy to explore representing your brand. Whether a series of blog posts or mentions on Mary Lee Robinson’s social media, let’s talk about it.
  • Advertise on Widowlution– I offer a variety of advertising options. Please contact us for rates.
  • Giveaways and product reviews– Mary Lee has worked hard to build her following, based on trust with her followers. If your product is one that Mary Lee has an opportunity to use, test and believe in, she’d love to write a blog post featuring your product enthusiastically. Giveaways are also an option, with the same caveats. Rates for giveaways are higher, as they require more work to manage and monitor.
  • An affiliate program is being developed for those who would like to promote our products on social media for a small commission on sales made. Please stop back soon.

At this writing, Mary Lee Robinson’s total online reach is approaching 2.5 million views a month. To request a media kit with information about my follower demographics and her online reach, please contact her here »

About contacting her…

Mary Lee welcomes opportunities to write product reviews, participate in product giveaways, sponsorship opportunities as well as media interviews. To contact her to pursue a dialog or request a media kit, her email is Her mailing address is P.O. Box 51778, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. Telephone number will be given to media members and other professional business contacts by email request. Sadly, widows are easy prey for scammers and stalkers alike. That phone number is given on a need-to-know basis. Tell it to anybody else and I’ll have to kill you. Just kidding…of course.

Let’s have a conversation.