Set An Extra Plate

Healing At Home | Healing Outlooks   /  by: Mary Lee Robinson


Set an Extra Plate…For Who? and Why? I’m always puzzled at why families are so insular on holidays, choosing to mingle only with one another. That’s not the tradition …

Songs to Soothe the Savage Widow

Healing At Home   /  by: Mary Lee Robinson

Music therapy has been around a long time as a healing modality. It sure can be a big help when we need some mood-altering, can’t it?  I’ve leaned on it …

My First Holiday Alone and the Birth of The “Set an Extra Plate” Initiative

Healing At Home   /  by: Mary Lee Robinson

My husband died suddenly, although he took five days to do it, about six weeks before Easter. Felled by a fatal cerebral hemorrhage at age 63, neither of us had …

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