Just Released! Grief Diaries: Through the Eyes of a Widow Book

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Some of you know that I’ve been writing for a while, since shortly after my husband’s death, in fact. Others of you are just getting acquainted with my work. I’m so excited to tell you that another in the Grief Diaries book series has just been released. My first book, The Widow or Widower Next Door, kicked off some exciting work I never dreamed I’d be involved in. That first book led to the creation of the Grief Diaries series https://griefdiaries.com/ , as headed up by my publisher and dear friend, Lynda Cheldelin Fell. We met at the first ever National Grief Conference in Indianapolis several years back. Lynda, who had written a book or two before, organized that conference that was a huge success despite some adverse circumstances. It also led to my first book in her hands.

Several weeks passed after the conference and Lynda called me. I started that first book as a collaborative effort, an anthology, because I thought the accounts of many widows and widowers carried more credence than just the story of one widow. I was frustrated that people around me didn’t believe me about the ancillary effects, the secondary losses that come with the loss of a spouse. I thought people should know. Maybe if the stories were told by many voices we’d have a better chance of being taken seriously. Lynda Cheldelin Fell agreed and asked if she could use that same format, many storytellers answering many questions about a loss to write another book. I said yes, of course, and have since participated in writing several of her blockbuster series books. I’m so honored to be a part of what we have all created.

There’s something about learning that you aren’t the only one suffering one of life’s hardest trials that is so very comforting. Met with circumstances we’ve never known before, we tend to think our emotions, our problems, our reactions, and our doubts are unusual or inappropriate. We think our fears and anxiety make us weaker than we are expected to be, and there is some truth to that. People around us who have not known intimate loss think we are overreacting. We aren’t. In the words of pioneer Angie Cartwright, we are having a normal reaction to a very difficult loss. Grieving is normal. The reading of these stories will reassure you that it is normal whenever you feel wobbly, and they are just a reach away.

I am so very proud to offer this newest addition to you. Think of it as group therapy you can fit in your purse, there whenever you need it. If you enjoy it as much as I think you will, please help us spread the word. The book makes a great sympathy gift for a new widow. You can find it here on the website on the “Healing Reads” page very soon on The Grief Toolbox website, and https://widowlution.com/widow-books/  and on Amazon at:




I do hope you not only enjoy it but find it comforting. Please let me know what you think, honestly. A review on Amazon or The Grief Toolbox will help others grieving discover this book too. Your comments always make my day, and I read every one!


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