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Mary Lee Robinson is an author, blogger, certified grief coach and widows advocate and member of the advisory board of the International Grief Institute. Widowed suddenly in 2013, she found very few resources available to her to help heal her broken heart. All the books were full of hearts and flowers and very little practical advice. Many of the members of her family, including her late husband, were widowed. Her grandmothers were widowed twice and her favorite cousin who lost a husband to suicide and a grown daughter to an embolism. Even her grandfather was widowed.

In her bones, she felt compelled to work on behalf of the widowed to fill the gap in support for the grieving. What was missing was solid advice about how to redesign, rebuild and restart your life. Everyone said to do it, but nobody had ideas on how. For starters, Mary Lee began a widows club that boasted 170 members in the first year to help fill the social void. She then began writing and currently has six books completed to date. Mary Lee also has a blog, sort of like an online magazine for widows, and is excited to be working on several new projects.

Mary Lee’s personal touchstone has become red-headed woodpeckers. Woodpeckers symbolize purpose, persistence, opportunity, progress, creativity, and communication. That must be why woodpeckers appear to her whenever her late husband wants to message her. They were his favorite bird.





“Hi, and welcome! I’m Mary Lee Robinson, Certified Grief Coach and I am a lot of things, but among the most important is being a full-time caretaker of my Mom, who is 89 and pretty close to being an invalid. She also has dementia. Did I mention she’s a joy? She is! I’m dog-Mom to my dearest companions, an aging Dachshund, and a young Rottweiler…a pretty disparate crew, don’t you think?

Originally from Baltimore, I wanted to live in the Carolinas since I was 12 years old. I finally made it here 11 months before my husband died. Our relocation was one of his enduring gifts to me. I’m also a Christian and view all of my circumstances as blessings, some disguised, but blessings all the same. My Christian faith is strong and has been at the core of my healing.

In college, I majored in interior & fashion design and my work was in both of those disciplines for many years as I managed construction renovations inside the high rise office buildings and a few computer rooms in downtown Baltimore. I use those tools in my strategies for healing. The very successful “Set an Extra Plate” initiative to help others learn how to help us was also my creation, an exercise in true Christian hospitality. More about that here:

So what lead me to become a grief coach and blogger? A passion to help other widows with traditional tools and some unusual ones, as well. Fashion for widows? Sure! Interior Design for widows? Yes indeedy!

A grief counselor will help you get on your feet. A grief coach can help you get those feet moving forward, and to do that, we’ll use anything that works.

You probably wonder what you can expect to find here, right? Here on these pages, we are going to talk about all kinds of things, from meditations & inspirations to fashion as we refine ourselves and home dec as we make our homes healing places that are our completely our own, including room for some memories. You’ll discover practical and attitudinal approaches to adapting to this new unrequested life.

We’ll discuss meeting new friends and how to go about that, good books to read, and all kinds of instruments for building a life that is enjoyable and well worth living. Some posts will include suggested products that I personally use find helpful, and want to share with you. Most of the material found here is original, but no apologies offered for ideas that are curated, with attribution, of course.


Let me be your guide and share with you how to use all of these to become the widow your husband would be proud of…still.

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