Never Alone

Never Alone is a title that could lead us in many different directions.  Some of us look at those words and think of their religious faith implications. I do, most certainly. Others think of spiritual ideas, in that our loved ones are always with us. I think of that too. They don’t call me “Mrs. Muir” (as in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir) for nothing. There are some grievers, I don’t know many, but there are some, who said that in the immediate aftermath of their loss that they wished people would just let them be. They were never alone.

Today I want to consider “never alone” from a different angle. The photo above is a group of the new friends I made in my new hometown, here in the Low Country of the Carolinas, when we joined together to write my first book. The Widow or Widower Next Door (available in the bookstore on this site, and on Amazon.



All of us in this picture had been widowed but a short time, only a few years. All of us, to the person, thought that we were the only ones, that we were alone in this awful experience. Intellectually, of course, we knew better, but it sure felt that way. We sure felt alone. Meeting other widows and widowers helped all of us a great deal to come to terms with some aspects of loss. We were not alone; we were not the only ones. Somehow, seeing evidence of that, meeting other grievers, made the whole road a little less scary. We knew we would survive, we would begin to heal, and we would continue to achieve. Never quite in the same way, but we would move forward.


Is it a case of “misery loves company”? Or is it just that knowing we are never alone makes the awfulness less debilitating? Or is it that it gives us hope, kind of an “if he or she can do it, maybe I can too” hope.


With this idea in mind, I’ve created some Pinterest boards that may interest some of you. I have a board about books I like on grieving and healing, one about movies and books featuring widows and widowers, and a couple of boards about famous celebrities and historical figures who were widowed. I didn’t make a board about them, but on bad days I think about my widowed family and ancestors and remember how well they managed. It gives me hope. I hope these Pinterest boards will give others hope, as well.


Check them out on my Pinterest account at     Then come back and tell me what you think. Why? Because we are never alone!


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