Pinterest Especially for Widows? You Bet!

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Pinterest is a wonderful way to collect and save ideas…and search for them. Most people think of Pinterest as just a place to find recipes or gardening ideas, but it is so, so much more than that! I’m tickled pink to be able to share with you a gazillion of the ideas, quotes, inspirations, articles for widows and yes, even recipes for one. I’ve been collecting them for quite a while now, and have several boards that are chock full of pins that are of interest to widows. The “Meals for One” board alone has over 1,500 recipes that are perfect for solo dining.

Under the umbrella of my Mary Lee Robinson account,  “Angry Widow” contains a lot of pins that speak to the anger, shock, and numbness of the newly widowed. Under “The Widow or Widower Next Door” are pins that are directed at widows who are a little further along in their healing. That board begins to introduce ideas that are a little more positive, a little more motivating. You can find pins dedicated to adapting a new life outlook on the “Widowlution” board. Sort of a progression of healing, carefully chosen just for you, wherever you are in your grief journey.

Other boards include practical and concrete ideas for windows. It’s sort of a fresh approach to how Pinterest boards can be used particularly for the things that might interest us. Some of those include board titles such as “Memorial of Grief” with products and suggestions on how to remember our loved ones. “Famous Widows” and “Famous Widowers” give us a peek into history and remind us that many have gone before us. “Widows and Fashion for Who We Are Now” is all about spiffing up our appearance to lift our spirits. Same idea with “Widows, Homes for Healing” leads you on how to create a home sanctuary that will support finding peace in our hearts. There’s even a board with suggestions on how to make eating out alone less daunting.

So here you go…my invitation to you to explore my boards and pins curated especially for you. Please note, these pins are best viewed by entering on my “boards” page. That’s the best way to see them in an organized way that will make sense. Go in via exactly this link so that you are sure to see all of the boards. If you like some of them? I encourage you to follow them so you never miss a new pin. If you like all of them? Follow me at the top and you’ll receive a broad spectrum of pins that are aimed at exactly someone like you…and me!

Come Join the Widowlution! Because can’t never did anything!


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Maybe you’ll decide to create a few boards of your own. Feel free to repin any of mine that you like, and don’t forget to let me know what you think.




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