Grief Diaries: Through the Eyes of a Widow


“CRITICALLY IMPORTANT . . . I want to say to Lynda that what you are doing is so critically important.” -DR. BERNICE A. KING, Daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King


“INSPIRATIONAL . . . Grief Diaries is the result of heartfelt testimonials from a dedicated and loving group of people. By sharing their stories, the reader will find inspiration and a renewed sense of comfort as they move through their own journey.” -CANDACE LIGHTNER, Founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving


“DEEPLY INTIMATE . . . Grief Diaries is a deeply intimate, authentic collection of narratives that speak to the powerful, often ambiguous, and a wide spectrum of emotions that arise from loss. I so appreciate the vulnerability and truth embedded in these stories, which honor and bear witness to the many forms of bereavement that arise in the aftermath of a death.” -DR. ERICA GOLDBLATT HYATT, Chair of Psychology, Bryn Athyn College


Grief Support for Widows found in a book! Widows in today’s world find little support to recover and adapt to a life they didn’t plan. Friends, family, and others have little idea about how to help, leaving them in a vulnerable spot when they need support most. What can widows do? Where do they turn for help? How do they face the future and rebuild their lives? Through the Eyes of a Widow is a collection of stories by widows across the globe. Each shares her own personal insight into the hidden and often unspoken challenges of losing a husband, including the emotional, mental and social shifts she’s forced to reckon with in the aftermath. With poignant narration, each shares the truths of her loss, and the hope she finds along the way.


  • ISBN-13: 978-1944328641
  • Released in March 2019
  • 6 x 9 inch/269 pages

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