My First Holiday Alone and the Birth of The “Set an Extra Plate” Initiative

Healing At Home   /  by: Mary Lee Robinson

My husband died suddenly, although he took five days to do it, about six weeks before Easter. Felled by a fatal cerebral hemorrhage at age …

A New You – Step Three – How to Dress for Your Lifestyle

Healing With Fashion   /  by: Mary Lee Robinson

How to Dress for Your Lifestyle is the third topic we’ll talk about for your appearance makeover following loss.

If you haven’t read the first two, you can find them …

How to Right Your Ship After Spouse Loss -Bereavement Cruise

Healing Outlooks   /  by: Mary Lee Robinson

Ever thought about going on a Bereavement Cruise? I took a widow’s cruise a couple of years after becoming a widow. A new company, The Journeys of Hope Healing and …

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